Panasonic OLED TV – CES post #4

January 13, 2017 0

Panasonic had a great-looking OLED TV on display.  Unfortunately, there are no plans to offer it in the USA, at least not yet.  Panasonic representatives did say that it may be coming over in the […]

Setting up a ZVOX SoundBase

January 4, 2016 0

I often receive emails from readers interested in purchasing a ZVOX SoundBase, but who hesitate because they are intimidated by the thought of setting up.  This is usually followed by a question asking who they […]

Fixing poor television sound

December 19, 2015 0

The most common complaint I receive in emails sent to my newspaper column is that modern flat-panel TVs have horrible sound quality, and it is hard to understand dialogue. Many people are surprised that their […]

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