My Tonale got 141.87 MPG since my last fill-up 2.5 weeks ago

This evening I topped off my tank prior to a road trip. As you can see from Trip Odometer A, I went 433.0 miles since I reset it when I last filled up 2.5 weeks ago. It says 75 mpg Average Consumption because it maxes out at 75 miles per gallon. I actually got much more than that. Almost double, in fact!

The car was a little above 3/4 full when I topped it off. You can see the lovely retro gauge display here. There are several options, including a full navigation map in the instrument cluster. It is highly customizable. I will show some of the other options in future updates.

As you can see above, it took 3.052 gallons to top off the tank.

So, 433 miles divided by 3.052 gallons = 141.87 miles per gallon. There’s obviously a lot of local driving here, but I spent some time on the open road as well and took advantage of free chargers where I could when I was away from home. But no matter how you slice it, it’s phenomenal.