Q Acoustics Black Friday deals

November 24, 2020 0

Q Acoustics has some good deals for Black Friday. See them below! Q Acoustics M4 soundbar with built-in subwoofer – $349.99 down to $297.49 – 15% saving ($52.50) https://www.amazon.com/Acoustics-Soundbar-Subwoofer-Multi-Award-Winning/dp/B00L1ZR7EK/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8   Q Acoustics 3010i bookshelf loudspeaker […]

Onkyo DC-C390 6-disc CD Changer only $129

November 27, 2018 0

Amazon has the Onkyo DX-C390 6-disc CD changer on sale today for only $129.  It’s a great player, with excellent mechanicals as well as high quality digital circuitry.  I have one myself, and have recommended […]

Cambridge Audio Yoyo links and coupon codes

November 11, 2018 0

Over the past week I received more than a few emails because readers could not get the coupon codes to work for the Cambridge Audio Yoyo speakers.  That is because the codes only work for […]

Sony Core Bookshelf speakers, $73/pair!!

November 12, 2017 0

GET THEM WHILE YOU CAN, EVERYONE!!! This is a great deal on a super bookshelf speaker that is a great value at $148/pair. At $73/pair, it is the strongest deal I have ever seen on […]

Polk LSiM speakers 50% off through May 20

May 16, 2017 0

This is an amazing, incredible, stunning deal.  Polk’s beautifully finished and spectacular sounding LSiM speakers are on sale for 50% off!  Whether you buy the towers, bookshelf speakers or a whole surround system, through May […]

Super $349 turntable outfit from LP Gear

February 25, 2017 0

I’ve raved about the $99 LP Gear The Vessel A3SE cartridge in a previous column, calling it “an absolute world-beater at $99.” LP Gear now has a turnkey turntable outfit featuring The Vessel A3SE.  You […]

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