Road trip highway MPG

In my last post I noted that I just filled up prior to a road trip set for the following day. The road trip was out and back the same day and is now complete. How did the Tonale do on highway mileage? With 31 miles of battery range, the gasoline engine would be doing most of the work on this trip and I would not be coming close to the 141 MPG I achieved in the 2.5 weeks before.

Trip details: I started the trip with a full tank and a fully-charged battery. I put the car on E-Save mode to recharge the battery when I was on the highway, and turned it off when I arrived at my destination so I could make use of hybrid power. I stopped to see another friend on the way home and he lives by a free charger. I plugged in when we went out to dinner and came back to a full-charged car, which I them drove home and filled up at the Shell station near my home, using the exact same pump where I filled up the night before.

Here are the results:

Total miles driven: 303.0

Average speed: 49 MPH

Trip computer MPG: 37.7

Gallons to fill: 8.584

Actual MPG (303 / 8.584) = 35.3

So, the trip odometer was slightly optimistic. Still, I am thrilled with over 35 MPG on the interstate using regular gas for a fast, fun-to-drive small SUV.

Average MPG since I took the car home  is holding strong at over 50 MPG. With a lot of local driving over the next month it is likely to creep up some more.