Free Volta Chargers – my favorites so far!

I’ve explored free local charging through the various networks and Volta chargers are my favorite so far. It’s a great concept – the chargers are monolith-shaped with blue accent lighting, which makes them easy to find in the parking lot. The large LED displays on the sides play advertising, which covers the cost of the charger and charging. Everyone wins. The facility gets free chargers and charging to attract customers, customers have a place to plug-in when they are shopping, and Volta generates revenue from the advertising.

Some of the chargers from other networks I have seen have been beat up and poorly maintained, mostly ChargePoint units. Some of them have not even worked and you need an account and a card or the app to charge. Every Volta unit I have come across has been operational and all you need to do is plug in. There is a Volta app available as well to help you find their chargers, but PlugShare shows all the different networks and free chargers, so it would be more useful overall.

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