Front load washer tips: Happy with Kenmore HE3, use powdered detergent to avoid stinky slime

I have a Kenmore Elite HE3 that we purchased from Sears Scratch and Dent store back in 2003. The machine is located on our main floor. We use Member’s Mark Wind Fresh Powdered Detergent.

A couple of years into owning the machine I did notice a stink coming from the machine. We have always kept the door open for air and I also tried using one of those machine cleaning packets but the stink continued.

I did a Google search that suggested the ingredient in liquid detergent leaves a stinky slime in the trap/discharge hose. I opened up the machine and found a TON of slime down there, it was really gross. The same article advised switching to the old fashioned powdered detergent, which we did, and have NEVER had a problem again!

-H.V., Union Grove, WI