Front load washer tips: D.D. and his troublesome LG

In my opinion, if you don’t have a water (supply) or septic problem stick with a top load machine.  My 40 year old Kenmore was still running in the house I sold 7 years ago! On a top-rated 3 or 4 year old large capacity LG we’ve replaced the door seal, an easy one, and the main (seriously cantilevered) bearing a year or so later, a near complete disassembly of the thing.  It took 2 mechanical engineers, me & my son-in-law at least 3 hours with a tutorial.  I had to grind a special tool to get the damn thing out. No wonder these things are filling the scrap yards!  I remember questioning the obvious design flaw at Lowes when we bought it. By the way, it’s getting noisy again as I speak. It does a minimum of 4 loads a day. (4 adults & 4 grandchildren)

Oh, I forgot the custom stand that had to be built to set the damn things on. They wanted an extra $ 200 each for those, looks like even more scrap steel to ship back to China.

Note the bungie to keep the washer door slightly open, to prevent mold & smell when not in use. The magnet holder broke. The replacement magnet (I bought 2 just in case) was about 1/2 the strength of the original so it didn’t hold the door. (The Chinese cheapened it up, why not ?) The door otherwise just swings wide open, whoopie, great fun for 5 & 6 year old grand-kids to grab & hang on to while running by….

-D.D., Bow, NH

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