GoldenEar Triton Reference – CES post #8

I always stop by the GoldenEar suite, because they always have some of the very best sound of the show (sometimes THE best.) His speakers make high end affordable, and they often outperform competitors that are dramatically more expensive.  For example, at CES a few years ago I thought his $1,000/pair Aon 3 bookshelf speakers sounded much better than the $20,000/pair towers being demonstrated across the hall.

The new Triton Reference sells for under $9,000 per pair and is designed to give speakers selling for five times their price a run for their money, and I have no doubt  they will do that. These speakers combined the ability to accurately recreate incredible drama with bass you can feel, while precisely reproducing the subtlest, most delicate notes you can imagine.  It is a rare speaker that can speak with such authority and fine precision at the same time.

Learn more from the GoldenEar press release pdf download.