The Allsop Orbitrac Record Cleaner is back! – CES post #8

Before I got to the show I made a note of Allsop’s booth number so I could pay them a visit. You see, years ago they made one of the easiest to use and most effective record cleaners, the Orbitrac, and it was available at an affordable price.  Surely with the resurgence in vinyl, they could consider bringing it back again? I was ready to buy a 3D printer and start making them myself if the patent had expired and they were no longer interested in marketing the product. Vinyl legend Michael Fremer had lamented the demise of the Orbitrac as well. When I got to the Allsop booth I was surprised and delighted to see a representative there demonstrating the Orbitrac, now called the Orbitrac 3.

The Orbitrac can be seen above.  The black red circles underneath the transparent red vinyl record are part of a folding anti-slip pad.  You place the record on the anti-slip pad, spray cleaning solution on the record’s surface, then insert the Orbitrac’s spindle into the record’s hole and rotate it like a crank.  It’s quick, easy and does a nice job.  It is much more effective and easier to use than the simple combination of fluid and a brush, and even if you have a vacuum record cleaner or a Spin-Clean Record Washer the Orbitrac is useful for the times you don’t need a deep cleaning that takes a lot of time or effort.

Allsop said they are getting tons of orders and the Orbitrac 3 should be available within a few months.  Welcome back, and I hope your return is permanent just as vinyl’s seems to be.