New ZVOX AV357 TV Speaker for the best of all worlds, electronics deals and timing (Week 34, 2021)

Sound Advice
By Don Lindich

Week 34, 2021

Q. I read your 2020 column where you recommended the ZVOX AV157 TV Speaker for people with hearing loss and those who find voices hard to distinguish from background music and sound effects. We do not have hearing loss, but we definitely have trouble hearing and understanding voices and dialogue. Do you still recommend this model for overall sound and voice enhancement, and are there other options?

-C.S., Plymouth, MN

A. Based on the rave response from readers, the ZVOX AV157 (then reduced from $299 to $199) was my most popular recommendation in all of 2020. Given this I would always recommend it, but I do have what I consider to be an even better option, which offers additional features, even better performance and more value at the same $199 promotional price. But first, I will distinguish between a soundbar and a TV Speaker.

All ZVOX soundbars and TV speakers feature their AccuVoice technology (and some TV Speakers also have the upgraded SuperVoice) for enhanced dialogue reproduction. Soundbars are larger than TV Speakers and make more bass, for the best possible music and movie sound. TV Speakers sound noticeably better than a television’s built-in speakers, but their smaller size is optimized for voices and dialogue. So, if you wanted a movie and music all-rounder, you got a soundbar, and if you wanted improved sound but especially improved voices, you got a TV speaker.

The new ZVOX AV357 gives you the best of both worlds. The AV357 is a 24-inch TV Speaker that splits the size difference between a TV Speaker and soundbar, providing better movie and music sound along with the great vocal clarity of a TV Speaker. The AV357 is finished in real wood veneer and has a separate center speaker in the cabinet for extra-clear dialogue, and 12 levels (six AccuVoice and six SuperVoice) of voice adjustment. Output Leveling tames loud commercials, and PhaseCue Virtual Surround provides a sense of spaciousness. It’s a beautifully finished, high performance jack-of-all-trades I am excited to tell readers about.

The AV357 is normally $349 and is currently on sale for $299. Until September 30 using the code SAVE357 on reduces the price by $100, bringing it all the way down to $199. The AV157 for $199 was a great deal and readers absolutely loved it. Getting the AV357 for the same price should make everyone absolutely ecstatic! Highly, highly recommended, especially for only $199.

Q. I saw your recent column about the $199 Panasonic LV67 shaver on sale for $119 on Amazon. I have been trying to find the $119 price on Amazon and it is currently $181. Where can I find that $119 price?

-L.S., San Ramon, CA

A. Unfortunately the offer expired before the column ran in all of the newspapers, and timing is a challenge I frequently encounter when I write about deals and exceptional buys. When I locate such an offer I reach out to the company and see if I can find out when the promotion will end. With the ZVOX AV357 promo above I was successful, with the LV67 shaver I was not.

I did hear back from Panasonic afterwards and was told they typically do not share their promotional schedule and would not have done so in this case. They did say that the price does move and if you watch the product online you will see reduced prices pop up from time to time. My suggestion is to keep an eye on the LV67 on Amazon and and if you see it for under $150, buy it.