Klipsch The One Plus, Epson ET-2850 vs. ET-3850 (Week 52, 2023)

Sound Advice
By Don Lindich

Week 52, 2023

Q. Many years ago I purchased an Ambiance Touch speaker with integrated iPod dock that I used with my iPod Nano. I loved the sound, but now it no longer works and it just won’t come back on. Is there any possibility I can get it fixed, and if not find something as good for use with my Apple Nano? If I can’t find something with a dock I can get a Bluetooth transmitter for my Nano and use it with a Bluetooth speaker. What replacement would you recommend for $300-ish?

-S.L., Minneapolis, MN

A. The Ambiance Touch is no longer supported and as you said, it was purchased many years ago. Even if a repair was possible, given the age I think it is time to move on. The iPod and matching docks have also been relegated to history, so we will consider Bluetooth speaker options.

My past recommendations like the Tribit StormBox Blast and various speakers from Soundcore and Edifier would be appropriate, but I think I have a better option for your needs based on sound quality and the form factor of the speaker, which is similar to your old one. I just heard the Klipsch The One Plus Premium Bluetooth Speaker System and it is a very compelling combination of luxuriousness and sound. With real ebony or walnut wood finishes, matching grill cloth and vintage logo, the design and materials bring to mind classic handmade Klipsch speakers like the Heresy and Klipschorn. Though the design has a classy mid-century vibe to it, the speaker adds a nice touch to most any decor and the impressive quality is evident when you look at and touch it. It definitely lives up to the premium moniker! It connects via Bluetooth, USB-C or an auxiliary cable and the Klipsch Connect App app provides extra adjustment and control.

The One Plus incorporates two 2.25-inch full-range drivers and a 4-inch woofer to generate full-range stereo sound with substantial bass. Highs are clear and crystalline without being bright, bass is solid for a speaker of its size and the music it produces is engaging and effortlessly dynamic (another hallmark of classic Klipsch speakers.) What you had was pretty good, but in comparison The One Plus is absolutely great. You’ll love it, and at $249 it is well within your budget.

Like your Ambiance Touch, The One Plus does not have a battery and must be plugged in to operate.

Q. I read your comparison of the Epson ET-2850 and ET-4850 printers. What is your opinion of the ET-3850? Costco had the ET-2850 on sale for $199 but I didn’t buy it. Now they have the ET-3850 for $299. I wasn’t sure what differences made it cost more than the ET-2850.

-D.M., Wexford, PA

A. The ET-3850 has an automatic document feeder (ADF) and is faster than the ET-2850. For a home user speed is not usually that much of a factor since most printers print quite rapidly these days, but an ADF is a very nice feature to have and represents a worthy upgrade. I looked up the Costco deal you are referencing and the ET-3850 for $299.79 also includes two additional black ink bottles. Together the bottles of ink are worth about $40, so you are paying about $60 for the extra speed and ADF. If I was shopping for myself I would take that deal. With two extra black ink bottles you will be set for a good while, and an upgraded printer with ADF will likely prove to be very satisfying to own and use in the long term.