My new Alfa Romeo Tonale PHEV, electric vehicle experience and product coverage to come!

I am as much of a car guy as I am a tech and entertainment guy, and there has been interest in coverage of EV chargers, living with an EV, etc. I recently acquired a 2024 Alfa Romeo Tonale so I can now review such products and report on my experience living with a plug-in car.

This is not my first plug-in electric vehicle. Back in 2014 I leased a BMW i3 Range Extender and even with the gasoline range extender it could not go more than 60 miles in the winter. This was about 30 miles on the battery, and another 25 or so when the gas-powered electrical generator kicked in. It was so limiting that I had to buy another car to get around in the winter, and I prepaid and turned the i3 lease in 2 months early because I found it so disappointing overall. Unless you had Tesla money, EVs were clearly not there yet.

This is also not my first Alfa Romeo. I leased a 2018 Giulia with the Sport Package in May of 2018 and purchased it at lease-end 39 months later. I still own it and plan on keeping it indefinitely. It has been perfectly reliable and is an absolute joy to own and drive. I also turned a friend on to the brand and converted him from BMW, and he just leased his 3rd consecutive Alfa. Between him and me, we have had 5 Alfas in a little over 5 years and loved each one. It’s a wonderful product and a wonderful brand, and I highly encourage anyone car shopping to check one out.

Both me and my friend got our most recent Alfas from Jared Janson at Alfa Romeo of Strongsville, and I highly recommend Jared and his dealership.  Their offers include free nationwide shipping and their current (December 2023) Tonale lease special is $299/month with $1,995 at signing, which is a bargain in these days of inflated car prices and high interest rates. (Not to mention, an amazing deal on a European performance luxury car!)  I can tell you from experience that they honor their advertisements and my Tonale leasing experiencing was one of the easiest, most pleasant and straightforward car purchasing experiences ever. Learn more at and if you call, be sure to ask for Jared! He will treat you right!