Cibest projector is just right and a deal for under $200 for Amazon Prime members, don’t use RF machine with medical implants! (Week 42, 2023)

Sound Advice
By Don Lindich

Week 23, 2023

A Goldilocks projector – Cibest is just right! Over the past few years I have shared my love of video projection and the big-screen experience for movies, sports, video games, and even general TV watching, enjoyed both indoors and outdoors.The projectors I have discussed have typically cost $400 and up, and I recently mentioned an adequate small projector that sells for around $100. After the budget projector column ran I received emails from readers asking for a projector that offers more features, more brightness, and genuine streaming capability but without the $400 price tag. The challenge was finding something priced between $100 and $400 that offered a compelling value proposition.

I recently discovered such a projector and the offer is available to Amazon Prime customers. The Cibest Android TV 10 Native 1080P projector is a full-fledged Android Smart projector with WiFi. As the name states it is a 1080P projector but it can accept a 4K HDMI input for enhanced picture quality, and the permanent light source is quite bright as well. The Android TV functionality is provided by a small dongle that goes in a compartment on the side of the projector. The responsiveness of the remote and the projector was excellent, with no lag or bugs evident during operation. It even has autofocus, a feature I appreciate having and which is unexpected at this price point. The projector comes beautifully packaged and includes a soft case.

The picture is smooth and sharp, with excellent color and no visible grain. Everything looks good right out of the box without fussing over picture settings, which is a good thing because the manual picture settings are very limited. This might actually be welcome news for those who like simplicity in their home entertainment devices. My usual screen recommendations apply, namely the $109.99 HYZ 100-inch retractable screen and the $158.99 JWSIT 120-inch indoor-outdoor screen. Of course, you can use a white wall as well though it won’t show you the true capability of the projector.

The Cibest projector is sold on Amazon and has racked up a 4.6/5 rating with over 660 reviews, making me even more confident in the recommendation. Normally priced at $399.99, at the time of submission the silver and white version of the projector was $269.99 to Amazon Prime customers, reduced to $199.99 after an $70 checkbox coupon. These prices tend to fluctuate, but I think any time the Cibest is available for under $250 it is a standout bargain. It is much more than a deal, it is an excellent product that stands on its own merits even before price is taken into account. Like I said, it is just right!

Q. Is it safe to use an RF skin-tightening device when you have a pacemaker/defibrillator? I was going to get one but see it is recommended to not use one around metal implants and devices.

-M.M., McKeesport, PA

A. The user manuals warn to not use RF skin-tightening products around metal implants and devices. This means using it on your body would most definitely be out. As for facial applications, one’s face might seem like it is far enough away from a chest implant to be safe but I would never, ever take that risk and would warn others against it as well. If you are still interested in RF skin tightening (for the face) I suggest visiting your dermatologist to discuss professional treatment. It will cost significantly more, but it will also likely yield better results and you can discuss your medical implants with the doctor to see if they can accommodate you safely.