Accessories for Febfoxs 1080P projector

Here are some suggestions for accessories and screens to help you get the most out of the affordable Febfoxs projector recently recommended in my column. I think the sweet spot is a projector, cable for portable devices, tripod screen and a Roku. That is under $250 and provides a lot of capability. If using the projector outside you will need an extension cord and power strip. I’ll leave that up to you to find one – you probably have one in your home already. Many of you will already have a Blu-ray player, and they are widely available under $100.

This is just a start and depending on reader reaction to the column, I may have an update with more info and suggestions for speakers and other accessories to use with the projector.

Febfoxs 1080p projector

The projector is where we start – an amazing value for under $100, and a respectable performer.

Febfoxs 1080p projector

HDMI to USB-C and Lightning cables ($20 and under)

These will provide a simple, reliable connection from your phone or tablet to the projector.

HDMI-to-USB-C cable

HDMI-to-Lightning cable


HYZ 100-inch screen with tripod stand $109.99

I have one of these and it is my most convenient to use. It can be set up in less than 30 seconds by a single person, and the picture quality is identical to the 120-inch JWSIT screen. This is a really great buy, and paired with the Febfoxs projector it is a formidable $200 combo.

HYZ 100-inch screen

JWSIT 120-inch screen with stand $180

I have this screen and it is my most-used. The picture quality is fantastic, the PVC durable and it is very sturdy. Highly recommended!

JWSIT 120-inch screen

Streaming sticks

Roku is my fave, others are proponents of the Amazon Fire Stick. Won’t go wrong either way. I recommend getting the 4K version so it is future-proof. The projector specs are unclear but it seems to indicate it can squeeze a bit better of an image out of a 4K signal than a 1080P signal, even though it is a 1080P projector.

Roku Express 4K $29.99

Amazon Fire Stick 4K

Projector stand

This is not 100% necessary, but I have one and find it useful.

Projector Stand 50-inch with laptop shelf $43.99