Finding a TLOVII charging cable, a nice Hanasco toothbrush, 4K Blu-ray players with 1080p Blu-ray Discs and DVDs (Week 42, 2021)

Sound Advice
By Don Lindich

Week 42, 2021

Q. I bought the TLOVII toothbrush and like it a lot, but I lost the magnetic USB charging cord. I cannot find a compatible replacement for sale anywhere. Can you help?

-S.C., Cape May, NJ

A. The toothbrush uses a magnetic charging cable with 5mm spacing. If you search for “magnetic charging cable 5mm” you will find cables that will work. I also found a cable that has magnetic contacts on the end of separate leads so it can be used with any device using magnetic contacts.

Hanasco Sonic Electric Toothbrush: A few months ago I wrote about the TLOVII Sonic Electric Toothbrush mentioned above, and it was one of my most popular recommendations ever. The toothbrush does an exceptional job of cleaning teeth and gums and has multiple settings like the Sonicare models selling for over $200, yet was priced at only $29.99. Though reader response was overwhelmingly positive, a few gripes came in as well. The toothbrush sold out quickly whenever it was in stock, a replacement charging cable was hard to locate and the brushheads were pricey and in short supply. (Presently a 2-pack of TLOVII replacement heads sells for $7.99, which is a bit less than I remember them selling for before.) Since that column I continued to explore the product category and found an excellent alternative, the Hanasco Sonic Electric Toothbrush. It strikes me as a better toothbrush for a comparable price, and it appears to be better supported as well.

The Hanasco has a high quality, “all of a piece” feel to it. The toothbrush body is made of a matte finish plastic that is very grippable and pleasant to the touch, and it has the same 38,000 VPM cleaning action of the TLOVII. The Hanasco gives my teeth and gums the same “just went to the dentist” sensation of cleanliness but feels a bit gentler in the process, possibly due to a sensor that protects teeth and gums from excess brushing pressure. Whatever the reason, the difference in gentleness was noticeable enough that It was necessary to report it here. Replacement brushheads are readily available at only $12.99 per 4-pack and the company offers other dental care products, including an intriguing water flosser. I have never had any notable dental problems, but a recent scare with one of my front teeth (a problem that was ultimately insignificant and easily corrected) has me taking my oral care even more seriously than before. Readers have apparently enjoyed the coverage as well, and I look forward to testing and writing about other new products in the future.

The Hanasco Sonic Electric Toothbrush is available on Amazon in black or white for $39.99. The pink color is currently on sale for $34.99, reduced to $32.99 with a checkbox coupon. If you are ok with the pink color it is an exceptional value at $32.99, even more so than the $29.99 TLOVII toothbrush from earlier this year.

Q. When I play a 1080p Blu-ray on my Panasonic 4K Blu-ray player, my TV says it is receiving a 4K signal. It says the same thing when I play a 4K Blu-ray. Why does it say 4K with a regular Blu-ray? (It sure looks 4K!)

-N.L., Edina, MN

A. The player upconverts the 1080p Blu-ray to 4K resolution before sending it to the TV, which recognizes the incoming signal as 4K. Even ordinary DVDs benefit from this upconversion, despite being standard definition discs. The Panasonic UB820 and UB9000 players do this picture processing better than anyone else in the industry, which is why I recommend them so enthusiastically.