Excellent Pioneer tower speakers for $206, 5-channel system for $388

A reader contacted me about the Pioneer tower speakers being on sale for $206/pair, which led me to this great find. Right now you can get a five channel home theater speaker system for only $388, and the speakers are great ones that will give the uninitiated a taste of what great sound is really like.

If you are not familiar with the Andrew Jones-designed Pioneer speakers, they are some of the best buys in audio with their clean, warm sound quality that sounds much more expensive than it is. Add a decent $200 receiver and you have a quite capable home theater without spending a fortune.

I have listed both the system with subwoofer and the system without subwoofer. If you have an existing sub you are happy with you can just use the subless version.  I guess I may as well with the towers as well as they are only $206 a pair. If you want them, act fast because I know they are going to sell out very very quickly.

Pioneer 5-channel speaker system (no subwoofer) $388

Pioneer 5.1 system with subwoofer $514

Pioneer tower speakers for $206/pair (order two speakers @ $103 each)