Whalen stands with TV mount: a great choice for those on a budget


I recently set up a system for Gabby and Beni’s Aunt Darlene. She’s like family to us and her attention and care for Gabby definitely contributed to Gabby’s health and long life.  When I could not be here, she was, and it meant the world to me.  It still does.

Darlene is not a technophile by any means and does not shop online..  I suggested she look for her stand at Walmart because they actually have some nice stands with an integrated TV post mount from a company named Whalen.  I think for reasons of aesthetics, safety and ease of viewing a TV stand with a post mount is the way to go.  Hers was only $129. You can get them on Amazon, too. Walmart said they had it in stock when they actually didn’t, and it took a bit longer to get here than expected. I’d be more inclined to order it from Amazon for that reason if you are comfortable with buying online. For those of you like Darlene, you can find them at your nearest Walmart.

Whalen on Amazon

Putting them together takes some work, but once it is put together you have a stand, like the Sanus AFA Accurate, that checks all the right boxes: good looks, open sides for ease of setup and cool operation, sturdy construction plus you get a post mount for your flat-panel TV.  You can see her system above, post-setup and pre-cleanup, as you can tell by the flecks of styrofoam waiting to be vacuumed up.  It is comprised of a Toshiba 43-inch TV complete with ZVOX SB400 soundbar, Blu-ray player and FioS TV.  Coming from  19-inch CRT, as you can imagine she was blown away by the difference.  She was especially pleased by the sound. As George Lucas said, “Sound is half the picture!”