AXPONA 2023 show, media storage furniture, small RF skin-tightening machines (Week 16, 2023)


Sound Advice
By Don Lindich

Week 16, 2023

AXPONA report: I have been getting lots of great audio questions lately, and I just returned from Audio Expo North America 2023, best known as AXPONA. It was a fantastic show and you can look forward to lots of good audio coverage in the weeks to come!

Q. Do you have any recommendations for furniture to house my 1,000+ CD collection? I can’t seem to find anything online.

-T.H., Pittsburgh, PA

A. Prepac Manufacturing has a wide variety of multimedia storage furniture, including models that hold over 1,000 CDs. I own several pieces and they are a good value.

Q. I purchased a WarmDerm RF skin-tightening machine and have been using it consistently since the first of the year. I can tell it is improving my skin. I am going on vacation soon and was wondering if you have reviewed any handheld models. I would like to travel with something a little smaller than the WarmDerm.

-C.S., Palo Alto, CA

A. I did try a smaller device, but it did not work out. If you have ever touched your tongue to the top of a 9-volt battery and felt the tingle, that is what it felt like, but in my skin. After a few seconds it was unbearable and I decided to just stick with what I know and what works, especially since I don’t think you need to take the WarmDerm when traveling. Now that I have the results I want all it takes is a bit of maintenance every 5-7 days, and if going away for a longer period of time it is not a problem. A session or two upon return and things are looking as good as ever. Leave the machine at home, relax and enjoy your trip and resume when you return.

I have something new and helpful for those curious about this product. The level of interest has been surprising, and I have long wished I could share my excellent results with readers. I was not expecting it to make such a difference and did not take any before pictures. I recently took a selfie of my jawline to share with a reader, and you can see the skin around my jaw and under my chin is pulled up rather than sagging down in a straight slope to the lower part of my neck. But without a frame of reference it is hard to understand what a big difference it was.

A few days later I realized a friend did a headshot of me two years before I started using the WarmDerm. I cropped the areas under my chin and posted them side-by-side at so you can see for yourself. I am at the same weight in both images and it is especially impressive considering the improvement takes into account two additional years of aging. Results will vary by individual, but for me it has been profound.

If you want a WarmDerm I recommend purchasing from Amazon because the return process is easy if you decide it is not for you. If you have a Whole Foods store nearby then you can just print out a return label and take the product to the store for a quick refund. It can take a bit of time for the machine to show its full effects, but after 3-4 weeks you should know if using it feels comfortable and if you can feel or see a difference. I started getting compliments about my skin after 3 weeks of using it every 3 days at the highest setting, and around the 3-month mark it was even more noticeable.