Amazing deal on StormBox Blast speaker, Panasonic MultiShape review (Week 7, 2023)

Sound Advice
By Don Lindich

Week 7, 2023

Q. If I get the Tribit StormBox Blast speaker can I use it with my Blu-ray player (with analog audio outputs) and video projector for movie night?

-L.R., Castle Shannon, PA

A. Use a stereo RCA-to-3.5mm connector and a long auxiliary cable to connect the player and speaker. Get a long cable so you can put the speaker under the screen – just be sure to turn off the LEDs.

Act fast because until March 10, the Stormbox Blast is available for $139.99. (The current sale price is $199.99 reduced from $259.99, and the coupon code BTS52SIX saves another $60.) In terms of impulse purchases, this is as good as it gets as this speaker’s sound is genuinely competitive with $1,000 portable systems from high-end manufacturers. A few people who heard the StormBox Blast at my house ordered it from their phones, right on the spot!

Panasonic MultiShape update: The 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was the first show where Panasonic was able to present their award-winning MultiShape modular personal care system. It has been a big hit for Panasonic and it was one of the big hits of the show.

Panasonic’s many corporate green initiatives were highlighted during their CES press conference, and something discussed was if you have a separate electric toothbrush, beard trimmer, razor, and nose hair trimmer that is four devices with batteries and motors that will eventually be discarded and perhaps end up in a landfill. With the MultiShape there is one powered base handle supporting multiple accessory heads. Currently available are a beard, hair and body trimmer, 3-blade shaver, nose, ear & facial hair trimmer and a toothbrush.

I tested the MultiShape 3-blade shaver, nose, ear and facial hair trimmer and toothbrush. Compared to my AA battery-powered Panasonic nose hair trimmer, the MultiShape was even more effective, which is not surprising given the powerful base unit. Comparing the three-blade shaver to my top-of-the-line Panasonic Arc6 shaver, the Arc6 was noticeably better and easier on my skin. This is to be expected given the princely $399.99 list price of an Arc6 shaver. However, the three-blade MultiShape shaver still performed well and I was happy with the finished results. The smaller shave head even made it easier to shave difficult places, such as directly under my nose.

Comparing the toothbrush attachment to my Sonicare and, Hanasco toothbrushes, the latter two provided a brisker brushing experience and felt a bit more effective overall. You feel the sonic effect with the MultiShape, but with the dedicated toothbrushes you feel it more. Despite this difference, once again I was satisfied with the MultiShape and the bristles were nice and soft, my favorite of the three.

In short, I really like the MultiShape and the convenience is unbeatable, especially for travel since you only have one device and charger and everything fits conveniently in a small bag. I could see it being the choice not only of travelers, but of those looking for simplicity and the ability to adapt and grow a system while protecting the environment.

My package with the base, charger, personal hair trimmer, shaver, electric toothbrush and travel bag lists for $130. That’s already a great deal, but you can save 30% by sending in any personal electronic grooming device for recycling, with postage prepaid. Go to the bottom of the page at and click on “Recycling Program” under the About column. Enter your info, print out the shipping label and save 30%! That brings my package to under $100, at which point it’s a no-brainer even if you only use it for travel. Other packages are also available.