AOGNY is now WarmDerm, Hifiman Planar Magnetic Headphones and Part 1 (Week 49, 2022)

Sound Advice
By Don Lindich

Week 49, 2022

Q. I was all set to order an AOGNY skin-tightening machine on Amazon, but found that it’s “currently unavailable” and “We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.” What a disappointment! Any idea what’s going on?

-S.K., Minneapolis, MN

A. The machine is still available, but the AOGNY brand name has been discontinued. As good as the product is, it is pretty easy to see why the name AOGNY was not a great fit for English-speaking markets. It is hard to pronounce, sound unappealing when spoken and resembles a word that means excruciating pain! I never cared for the awkward name AOGNY and hated typing it out, but given I have been delighted with the product and the results I was still happy to spread the word. (I even received some unsolicited compliments about my skin a few days ago, which is always gratifying.)

The AOGNY brand name has been retired and replaced by WarmDerm, and the machine is now the WarmDerm Professional Home Grooming Device for Face and Body. (I would say they have the brand name right with WarmDerm, though the rest could be shortened up a bit.) The device itself has not changed and the WarmDerm uses RF energy to penetrate and warm deep in the skin, stimulating collagen production to improve skin quality, smooth over wrinkles and tighten up skin on the face, as well as remove stretch marks on the body. It is available now for the same $339 after checkbox coupon, exclusively on Amazon.

Q. I saw your encouraging review of the Tribit StormBox Blast speaker in my local newspaper yesterday. However, the price is $199.99 minus a $20.00 discount for a total of $179.99, and not $50 off for $149.99. Am I doing something wrong or is your information out-of-date?

-J.H., Contra Costa, CA

A. I received several emails like yours and did some investigating. The final price of $149.99 is still available, but you must now use the code BTS50FF at checkout at to activate the discount. I am still evaluating my test unit StormBox Blast and it continues to wow me with how easily it fills a room with beautiful, captivating sound. It may look like a boombox but it is a spectacularly good portable speaker independent of price, with sonic capabilities rivaling expensive high-end Bluetooth speakers and even quality component systems with bookshelf speakers.

Hifiman HE400se Planar Magnetic wired headphones for only $109 from This will be covered in more detail next week, but given the holiday season I wanted to share the news ASAP. Planar magnetic headphones use exotic driver technology and many consider them to be the ultimate in sound quality. They are relatively rare in the marketplace as they tend to be expensive, starting at several hundred dollars and up to the stratosphere from there.

Hifiman is a highly regarded enthusiast headphone brand specializing in planar magnetic headphones, some costing $50,000 each including a dedicated amplifier. Hifiman has worked hard to make planar magnetic headphones affordable and arrived at a real milestone with the $149 HE400se. Discounted to $109 they rate as an impulse purchase and I am a bit surprised to be sitting here writing this. I never thought I would see quality planar magnetic headphones from an audiophile brand for just over $100, yet here we are.

Planar magnetic headphones sound magical, and with the HE499se at $109 that magic is now available to everyone. Include free shipping and the industry-leading 365-day return period from, and this offer is sure to make a lot of people happy this year.