Connecting a Bluetooth transmitter to a receiver or amplifier, Panasonic Arc6 shaver (Week 15, 2022)

Sound Advice
By Don Lindich

Week 15, 2022

Q. Can I attach a Bluetooth transmitter to the speaker outputs of my receiver? I do not have any preamp outputs that I see on the back of my receiver, and I want to transmit the signal to a Bluetooth speaker in another room.

-K.L, Milwaukee, WI

A. Using speaker-level outputs will blow out the transmitter. You need a “line level” output, which is equivalent to the signal from a CD player or a turntable with a built-in phono preamp.

If your receiver has a “Record Out” connection you can use that. Otherwise you will need a passive RCA switchbox and Y-splitters to send the signal to both the receiver and the transmitter. A switchbox and Y-splitters should cost under $30 total.

Panasonic Arc6 electric shaver: Last year I reviewed the 5-blade Panasonic Arc5 electric shaver, and it was very well received by readers. Shaving is a chore to me and over years of searching I had never found a satisfying electric shaver, always returning to the messy, time-consuming combination of shaving cream and a multi-blade manual razor. The Panasonic Arc5 shaver changed all that and I was delighted to find something that I could use conveniently any time of day, with no mess or fuss. I let a few friends try it as well and their comments can be summed up as, “this thing is incredible – where do I get one, and how much?” I used my Arc5 five or six times per week, with a once-a-week touch-up shave with shaving cream and a multi-blade manual razor to get an extra close shave as a kind of reset. As good as the Arc5 is, the manual way was still the best way to get an extra-close shave and get any whiskers that the Arc5 may not have trimmed completely from my face.

When Panasonic offered me the opportunity to try their upcoming Arc6 shaver I jumped at the chance. I tested the ES-LS9A model, which includes a compact charging and cleaning station similar to the one included with the Arc5 ES-LV97A model I tried last year. The ES-LS9A features automatic beard sensor technology that measures beard density and thickness 220 times per second and adjusts accordingly. Six ultra-sharp blades, made of the same high-grade stainless steel as Japanese swords cut cleanly and precisely and the shave head moves in 22 different directions to match the contours of the face.

I’ll go right to the conclusion here and say that as good as the Arc5 is, the Arc 6 is a noticeable improvement. It shaves closer, more easily, is gentler on the skin and moves more smoothly as you pass it along your face. What is most revealing to me is since I started using the Arc6 I have never felt the need to do a maintenance shave with shaving cream and the multi-blade manual razor again.

This excellence comes at a cost, and the best is never cheap. Availability begins in May and the ES-LS9A with the charging and cleaning cradle sells for $499.99, the ES-LS8A, identical but without the cradle, is $399.99. I do really like the convenience and automatic, thorough cleaning of the cradle and feel it is worth the extra $100, but can understand if someone wants to save $100 and still get the very best shaver on the market. If $399.99 is still a bit high, the previously top-of-the-line Arc5 ES-LV97A, only $199.99 with the cleaning and charger cradle, now looks like a bargain!