More on RF Skin Tightening Machines (Week 13, 2022)

Sound Advice
By Don Lindich

Week 13, 2022

Q. I read your article about the gel to use with the RF skin tightening machine, but not the one recommending the machine itself. What brand were you referring to and how has it worked for you?


A. I have been using the AOGNY Skin Tightening Machine since late summer 2021. There has been a lot of interest so I will provide a brief overview before I discuss the machine and its use.

As we age our bodies produce less collagen, which causes wrinkles and sagging skin. RF skin tightening uses high frequency radio waves to penetrate and heat the skin, stimulating the production of collagen. This can remove wrinkles, tighten up the loose skin and improve facial contours. It can also be used to remove stretch marks. Both home and professional RF skin tightening has proven clinically effective in testing, and the treatment is offered by dermatologists though it can be expensive. The availability of affordable machines for home use, and the ease and safety of using them has made this non-surgical skin tightening much more accessible to the public.

I consider the machine and the results to be something of a miracle. As the years have rolled by I have seen loose skin appear on my face and chin, skin that did not tighten up with diet and exercise. I was frustrated but came to acceptance, realizing it as a natural consequence of aging and knowing I would never get a surgical face lift. I was somewhat skeptical when I started using the machine but quickly became a believer. I was confident I was seeing improvements, but when I started getting unsolicited compliments from friends and family members I knew I was on to something.

You start by applying RF gel to the treatment area, and you re-apply gel as needed during the procedure. Two probes are included, a small one for the face and a larger one for the body. It has 3 settings for heat level and a timer that counts down in 10-minute increments. I set the machine to 1 when I first used it, then 2 for the second time and now I always use it on 3. It does not get especially warm on the lower settings so I suggest moving to 3 as soon as you feel comfortable. If you keep the probe on your face in the same place for too long you will definitely feel it heat up and you may even feel a little zap, so move the probe slowly enough to feel the warmth, but keep it moving. I do 20 minutes on my face, with 15 minutes on the entire face and under my chin (using the pattern suggested by the instructions) and the remaining 5 minutes just under my chin. The most important lesson I learned was to stay consistent and use it every 3 days until you achieve the desired results. After that you can use it as little as once a week for maintenance.

When I first wrote about the machine AOGNY was new to the US market. The machines sold out quickly and support was somewhat lacking if replacement parts were needed. Since then they have opened up an AOGNY Store on Amazon with tips on usage as well as replacement probes and handles. The AOGNY Skin Tightening Machine sells for $369 on Amazon and there is frequently a $30 checkbox coupon that brings the price down to $339. When you need replacement gel I recommend Royal RF gel, also on Amazon. It is only $17.99 for two large tubes and works very well.