Linearflux Hypercharger MAX, C. Crane Skywave Radio for use during power outages, make sure you get the genuine FIPORT door opener (Week 34, 2020)

Sound Advice
By Don Lindich

Week 34, 2020

Q. Do you have a recommendation for a cell phone charger that runs on an internal battery? Also, what do you recommend for a portable, battery powered AM/FM radio? I need to buy these products for use during power outages.

-L.P., Philadelphia, PA

A. The new Linearflux Hypercharger MAX is one of the most powerful, versatile chargers you can buy, and a bargain at $79.99. It has a huge 20,800 mAh capacity and can charge three devices at once, including USB-C devices and laptops that use USB-C for power. It can charge most smartphones at a blazing speed of 2% per minute. That is extraordinary, and it has enough capacity to fully charge a typical smartphones six times. The included 30 watt wall charger fully charges the Hypercharger Max in just 3 hours. With all this capability, the Hypercharger MAX could be the only charger you need for all your devices.

I would look to C. Crane for the radio. Many manufacturers ignore radio these days, but for C. Crane it is their passion. They offer many different radio models and most any of them would do, but I would start with the CC Skywave for $89.99. It offers AM/FM, Shortwave, Weather + Alerts, and the VHF Airband so you can listen to aviation frequencies to hear pilots and air traffic controllers. It runs on an available AC adapter or 2 AA batteries. If it is not your cup of tea the CCRadio EP Pro is an excellent choice for $89.99.

Q. I went to Amazon and searched for the FISPORT no-touch door opener you recommended. I found many door opener models, but not one by that name. Is that the brand, can you clarify which one you tested and recommend?

-D.A., Moultonborough, NH

A. The brand is FIPORT, not FISPORT. I am glad you asked, because right now ordering a “FIPORT” product on Amazon may not get you the genuine product. Shortly after the column ran I received an email from a company representative warning me that not all the products on Amazon are genuine. In the email he said, “Thank you very much for writing about our door opener. We noticed that recently there are some sellers selling unauthorized FIPORT No Touch Door Openers on Amazon, and these will take more than one month for delivery. Please tell your readers that we never authorized any sellers for our products, and the authentic FIPORT opener will be delivered by Amazon in only a week. Unless the product says “Ships From Amazon, Sold by FIPORT” it is not an official product and the quality is uncertain, and there is no FIPORT warranty. The official product will be in stock this week, and anything else is unauthorized by us.”

A brass door opener is an uncomplicated device, so I do not know how good or bad the knock-offs are. I did look on Amazon and saw the FIPORT brand offered by companies other than the manufacturer, with four door openers for $12.99 vs. $14.99 for the genuine article. For only $2 more per set of four, with delivery now instead of October, I think it is worth getting the real thing. If any of you inadvertently ordered the knock-offs it may be worth your while to cancel the unfulfilled order and order the real thing from the manufacturer. After all, that is over a month’s worth of not having to touch PIN pads, flush public toilets or grab door handles with your fingers!