Buy my new invention – StylusTimer (TM)! Now available for $19.99 with free shipping

Hello Sound Advice readers,

If you follow my column you know I am a big vinyl fan. Last year I was trying to find something to help me accurately track the hours on my turntable cartridge’s stylus (needle) so I knew when to replace it. I was surprised to find that something with the right combination of features did not exist.  Since I could not find it, I invented it!

So – I am proud to introduce my new invention, StylusTimer(TM)!  StylusTimer (US and International Patents Pending) is a unique chronograph designed for use with turntables.  It only records hours, the flashing H lets you know it is recording, it requires deliberate effort to reset so you don’t lose your hours if you accidentally touch the reset button, and it remembers your time when you change the battery.

StylusTimer is available now for $19.95 with free delivery at There is also a Two-Pack ($37.95) and a Five-Pack ($88.95) available if you need more than one, or want to get extras to share with friends and family.

It is also available on Amazon for the same price (though the website looks much nicer!)

StylusTimer at

If you like my column I hope you will support me and buy one!  As for WHY you should buy one, read on below the pictures.

Retail packaging front

Retail packaging rear

StylusTimer solves a problem that has persisted for decades: a stylus (turntable needle) has a finite lifespan, usually around 1,000 hours. If the stylus is replaced prematurely, it wastes money. If used after it is worn out, sound quality suffers and more importantly, the worn stylus damages records with every playback. Unfortunately, few if any turntable users know exactly how many hours are on their stylus.

With StylusTimer, that has become a thing of the past. StylusTimer allows users to track their stylus hours easily and precisely as it adds a fun new dimension to turntable ownership. Users can see how much time they enjoy listening to music and enthusiasts discussing their phono cartridges can now do so with a new level of precision. For example, “my new cartridge was fully broken in at 36 hours” and “my stylus has 638 hours on it.”

With its stainless steel finish and integrated stand, StylusTimer looks great next to any turntable and at only $19.95 including shipping, every turntable owner and DJ will want one.

Distribution in Europe will be by  Tonar International  and in Australia by Decibel Hi-Fi. An Asian distribution partner will be announced soon.

Click on the image above to download the instructions sheet

If you are media who would like a review unit, or are a dealer interested in selling StylusTimer, contact me at