Make your subwoofer wireless with a SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter, a good deed from Anker and and a good deal on their Flare Mini (Week 18, 2020)

Sound Advice
By Don Lindich

Week 18, 2020

Q. Do you have a wireless subwoofer recommendation? I’m hoping to find one under $400, with reliable wireless connectivity and solid performance.

-R.P., Pleasanton, CA

A. I prefer to avoid subwoofers with built-in wireless unless it is part of a package like a soundbar with a wireless subwoofer. You can use an adapter to make almost any subwoofer wireless, and that way you can pick any subwoofer you want. It’s also a bit of insurance in case one of the wireless modules or the subwoofer breaks down. Then all you have to do is change the module or the subwoofer, instead of throwing everything out and starting over.

The $119 SVS SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter is perfect for wireless subwoofer operation. You can also use these adapters to set up speakers in different listening rooms.

The perennial favorite Polk Audio PSW10 subwoofer is a fine performer and only $129.

Combine the two and you are under $250, and with the external adapter you have flexibility for the future if you ever want to get a bigger subwoofer.

Good deeds and good deals: Last week I discussed some of the exceptional promotions currently found in the electronics marketplace, and how electronics companies are trying to do some good for society through these offers. This week I have a report about a company doing a good deed completely unrelated to their good deal.

Anker Innovations has been getting a lot of positive press throughout the tech world. They earned it throughout 2019 with a long string of new product introductions across many categories, including their Anker charging products, Soundcore Bluetooth speakers and earphones, and Nebula portable projectors. Every one of these products I tested performed admirably and was distinctively special in some way.

Anker is donating 1.8 million masks to frontline workers and first responders in the United States to help slow the spread of COVID-19. The first few shipments have arrived in the US and are making their way to the various groups who can use them, including state governors and law enforcement agencies. According to the Anker press release, “The purpose of our donation is two-fold. First, to support the frontline workers and first responders, and second, to inspire other consumer electronic and tech companies to look to their supply chains and see if they can donate some element of PPE to those in need.”

The PPE donation speaks for itself and is a hard act to follow, but I mentioned a deal, too. Anker’s Soundcore Flare series has quickly become my favorite line of small Bluetooth speakers, and though it is the smallest and least expensive the Flare Mini could very well be my favorite of them all. The small size is perfect for a carry-on bag or briefcase, and the sound quality is full range and crystal clear with that elusive musicality that really draws you into the performance. Like its bigger brothers in the Flare line, the quality of materials and fit and finish is impeccable and the speaker looks and sounds much more expensive than it is. There are several tone presets to tune the sound to your taste, as well as a defeatable LED light show that adds to the fun and is beautiful to watch.

The Flare Mini is a standout bargain at $39.99 but until May 15th you can save $10 on Amazon with the code SCFM0515. Under $30 for such an exceptional small speaker is truly something to write home about. You can connect two for stereo, so you might want to buy a pair.