Sbode and Soul Run Free Pro Bio earphones for running, Pelican’s wonderful Go and Ruck cases (Week 23, 2019)

Sound Advice
By Don Lindich

Week 23, 2019

Q. Last year you wrote about some Bluetooth sport earphones that are good for running. I think they were priced under $30. What earphones were they and do you still recommend them?

-D.A., San Antonio, TX

A. You are asking about the Sbode Sport Bluetooth earphones, typically listed on Amazon as the Sbode Wireless Earbuds with Microphone. Earphones are subjective and everyone has different taste, but even given the low price about 85% of the readers who contacted me about their purchase were very happy. About 10% thought they were just OK but still worth the money, and 5% did not care for them. Given the $21.99 price, that is an excellent success rate. From June 10th through June 30th they are on sale on Amazon for $17.99 using a checkbox coupon. It is pretty hard to go wrong for under $20, and they come with a nice little case and a charging cable, too.

If you want something special and are willing to spend a bit more for better sound quality, a better fit and some innovative features, check out the Soul Run Free Pro Bio Voice Coaching Wireless Running Earphones. These are earphones that are literally born to run. They provide excellent sound quality, but that is just the start. The Run Free Pro Bio earphones also collect biomechanical data and coach you on how to become a better runner. The features are too elaborate to go into detail about here and it is way too cool for words anyway, so if you are interested I would go to the manufacturer’s website and see the BeFlex BioMech engine feature for yourself.

I heard the earphones and really liked the sound, but I do not run so I was unable to try them as running earphones. Fortunately, a runner in my family bought them at my recommendation and when I asked how he liked them, he used one word to sum them up: “Awesome.” He even had a bit of reverence in his voice when he said, “awesome.” He then went on to discuss how much he liked the sound quality, and how easy it was to get them to stay in his ears when he takes his daily 6-mile run. He does not use the voice coaching feature or the app. Given how he pleased he is without them, I would say you can consider those features icing on the cake of good sound and good fit.

The Soul Run Free Pro Bio is available in red or grey and usually sells for $149. They currently have a sale price of $109 on the Sould Electronics website, though I do not know how long that will last so if you want to try them, it is probably best to act sooner rather than later.

Pelican Go Case and Pelican Ruck Case: Speaking of sports, if you take your phone, wallet, and electronic accessories on your outdoor adventures, good protection is a must. I am familiar with Pelican’s classic line of hard cases from my professional photography background and they were, quite simply, the best. Pelican has brought that same bombproof quality to small cases for phones, small electronics and personal items.

The Pelican Go Case and Pelican Ruck Case ($29.99  to $64.95) are available in several sizes and are waterproof, crushproof, dustproof, and have dividers to organize your gear. They are available in a nice variety of colors, too. This is another product you have to see and hold to appreciate, and I now have one of each to organize and protect my things when I travel.