Save $150 on the new AxiomAir N2 – only $399 after savings

Axiom Audio has a great new wireless speaker, the AxiomAir N2.  It will start shipping in April for $549, but for a limited time you can save $150 with a preorder using the code NEWN2 at  The speaker and the deal will be mentioned in my next column, but I am posting an edited snippet of it here now to give readers a little more notice.

Appropriately enough, I am listening to my own AxiomAir N3 as I write this… just realized that, LOL! Snippet is below the line.


When I reviewed the AxiomAir N3 Wireless Speaker I pronounced it my favorite speaker of its type, but it costs $849 and is on the large side for a wireless speaker. 

Axiom has a new, smaller model called the AxiomAir N2 with the same great sound, even more features and a much friendlier price point.

The AxiomAir N2 has the same sound quality as the AxiomAir N3, but does not play as loudly.  Connectivity options are a step up from the N3.  With the AxiomAir N2 you get Wi-Fi through its built-in hotspot or your network, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay, USB, optical digital and analog auxiliary ports, easy connections to Spotify and Tidal, and multi-room functionality when more than one AxiomAir is in use.  Firmware is updated with the touch of a button, and Axiom says more features and functionality will be added as times goes on as all AxiomAir speakers are built around an upgradeable Raspberry Pi minicomputer.

The price of the AxiomAir N2 will be $549 when it starts shipping in April. Customers who preorder before March 23, 2019 get a special price of $449, and using coupon code NEWN2 saves another $50, bringing the price down to $399 with free shipping. A battery is a $59 option, and the finish can be customized to fit your décor.   See the AxiomAir N2 at