Sony Core bookshelf speakers for only $73/pair… WOW!!!

Thanks to Glenn S. for pointing out this deal to me this evening.  The offer is identical to the one they ran around this time last November, so I am going to copy/paste my post from back then to get this up quickly.


This is a great deal on a super bookshelf speaker that is a great value at $148/pair. At $73/pair, it is the strongest deal I have ever seen on a quality pair of speakers. The sale price and inventory are not likely to last long when word gets around.

Search the site under the terms SONY CORE to learn more about them.  Here is an edited excerpt from a column where I featured them:

“I have finally found an inexpensive speaker to get excited about, the Sony Core SS-CS5 bookshelf speakers . This is a 3-way design, very uncommon at this point but it is extremely well done.  It uses a woofer made of a special Mica-Reinforced material, with domes for the midrange and tweeter,  These speakers sound great and don’t have any aggressive tendencies that make then fatiguing to listen to for a long period of time. Like the Insignia NS-B2111 of years ago, when you hear them you won’t believe how little you paid for them.  Nice job, Sony!”