Week 37, 2018: Home security week: Panasonic HomeHawk, Sabre Doorstop Alarm, Doberman Window Sensors

Sound Advice

By Don Lindich

Week 37, 2018

Q. I am interested in security products for the home. I don’t want an expensive service with subscription fees and am looking for simple devices I can easily employ myself. Is there anything noteworthy you can recommend?

-E.D., Leetsdale, PA

A. Panasonic recently introduced the HomeHawk Home Monitoring System and it is extremely impressive. If I was installing such a system in my own home (and I just might be doing so soon) it is the one I would buy. Powered by long-life rechargeable batteries, the HomeHawk is completely wireless so the cameras can be placed anywhere. Color night vision, motion detection, two-way talk, compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Voice Assistant, lots of options for expansion and the power of the Panasonic brand behind it make HomeHawk stand out. Packages start at just $249.

Sabre is a brand of Security Equipment Corporation, a manufacturer of top quality stun guns and pepper spray products used by civilians as well as many law enforcement agencies nationwide. Sabre makes one of the most ingenious and cost-effective home protection products I have seen. The Sabre Door Stop Alarm is, as its name suggests, a door stop with an integrated security alarm. It is powered by a single 9-volt battery. Just put it in place and if someone tries to open the door, not only will the door stop and its non-slip pad keep the door from opening, it will give off a piercing 120 decibel alarm that can be heard from 1,000 feet away, warning you and your neighbors as well as deterring potential intruders. I have purchased these for myself as well as for friends and family members, and all of us agree that this product can make you feel safer and more secure no matter where you are. It’s also perfect for use in hotels and dormitories. Though the suggested retail price is $14.99, it can be found online for under $10.

Now that the doors are covered, we can turn our attention to the windows. Doberman Security makes window alarms with vibration sensors that can be purchased for under $18 per pair. Just stick them to the windows and like the door stop alarm, they will warn you of potential intrusion. Included anti-false technology prevents false alarms from storms, wind and rain.