LP Gear The Vessel A3SE phono cartridge now available on Amazon, with free shipping

My favorite $99 phono cartridge and 2017 Sound Advice Product of the Year, LP Gear’s The Vessel A3SE,  is now available on Amazon!  This is nice news for anyone who wants to buy it, as ordering it is now easier than ever.

Shown above is the A3SE Ultimate Set, which comes pre-mounted and aligned for record players with plug-in headshells.  That is still available only from LP Gear for $148.  It is probably worth the extra $49 if your turntable has the plug-in headshell as you don’t have to fuss with mounting, and performance is assured from the proper alignment.  Either way, you can’t lose with The Vessel A3SE!

Questions? Send to donlindich@gmail.com.  Please include your city and state in your email.