Phono cartridge shootout at, featuring 11 cartridges up to $1,000

Big news!  Soon I will have several more websites online:,, and!  They are very much under construction but I decided to go ahead and announce Sound Advice Vinyl with a huge piece that took me and an assistant 4 months to write.  You can see it at the link below:

Under $1,000 moving magnet cartridge shootout ,11 cartridges reviewed!

Obviously, Sound Advice Vinyl will be devoted to all things vinyl records, Sound Advice Speakers will cover speakers of all types, including stereo and home theater, Bluetooth and TV soundbars, and Sound Advice Headphones will feature headphones, earphones, and accessories.

A lot of the content is written and I just have to get it up and set the menu bar links.  The projects have been delayed because I have been typing so much my hands got tired and cramped a bit, but I am back in the saddle after some rest so you can expect to see more soon!