Musical Fidelity Roundtable turntable for $299 at Music Direct (save $701)

If the holiday season leaves you a little bit short of cash to order the $599 RM–5.1SE  turntable outfit on special, you can get a Musical Fidelity Roundtable turntable for only $299, reduced from $1,000. It isn’t as good as the RM-5.1SE, but it is still excellent and is half the price.

The Roundtable turntable is made to high-end British manufacturer Musical Fidelity’s specifications by Pro-Ject, the world’s largest producer of audiophile turntables. It comes with a pre-mounted Audio-Technica AT-95E cartridge.  This is a good entry-level cartridge that is found on many other turntables, but it actually a bit out of place on a turntable that lists for $1,000.  People who have purchased this turntable say in reality it is more like a $700 model than a $1,000 model, so perhaps there is a bit of inflation on the suggested retail price. These end-users also report great satisfaction, so it seems like a very good buy and I only had $300 to spend on a turntable this is the one I would buy.  Even a $700 turntable for $299 is a wonderful bargain! I don’t want to spend too much time selling the deal, because the performance will be excellent as well. You really can’t go wrong with this great-looking, great-sounding package and you can always upgrade the cartridge later. Please note it does not have a dustcover so you should probably order one. A cloth dustcover will do fine.


It comes in both red and black, as you can see from the picture above.