Ohm Walsh speaker 20% off sale continues with New Year code NY20


  • Do you want to build a sound system that will take your breath away with its beautiful sound?
  • Do you need new speakers and want something spectacular?
  • Do you like to have the best, but don’t like paying full price?

If any of these questions apply to you, I have good news.  Ohm Acoustics has transformed their Black Friday sale into a New Year sale.  You can now save 20% on some of the finest (some consider them THE finest) speakers in the world. The New Year coupon code is NY20 and it is good until January 16, 2017.

I have many speakers in my collection and love and enjoy them all, but Ohm Walsh speakers have always had a very special place in my heart.  I still have my first pair (Ohm Walsh 1) which were purchased new in 1986 when I was a student, and they are still in active duty as the main speakers in my home theater. They are the only company I know that still has parts, service and upgrades for every speaker they ever made, going all the way back to 1972.

My old soundadviceblog.com website has a few articles about Ohm.  Here are some links. They both have some nice technical drawings and pictures of vintage Ohm Walsh models.

Ohm Walsh speakers: Unique technology, stunning performance

Ohm Walsh 3000 speakers

Here is my most recent newspaper column about Ohm. Another one is coming up soon, where I highlight cost-no-object gift recommendations and mention the sale in print.

Sound Advice in The Press of Atlantic City, March 2015

Many real wood finishes are available. All Ohm Walsh speakers are handmade to order, so if you are interested best to get your order in sooner rather than later, especially if you are buying them as a gift.

As you can tell, I am a fan and if you have any questions about these speakers feel free to email me. Lots of readers have purchased them on my recommendation and are extremely happy, and I love spreading the word about this great company and their amazing product. Hook them up to a good amplifier and the sound will sweep you away.

Learn more at ohmspeakers.com.  If you call the company at 800-783-1553 you can talk to a real human being who knows the products inside and out.