Ohm Acoustics Black Friday sale, 20% off speakers and upgrades


Ohm Acoustics is one of my all-time favorite speaker companies (actually, one of my favorite companies of any type) and they make some  of the finest speakers in the world. For Black Friday they have 20% on new speakers or upgrading your old ones with the coupon code UP20.

Learn more about Ohm and their unique, patented Walsh speaker technology at ohmspeakers.com.  I still have my original pair of Ohm Walsh 1 speakers that I bought in 1986.  They are still on active duty, serving as the mains in my home theater.

If you haven’t seen or heard a pair of Ohm Walsh speakers, you don’t know what you are missing.  They recently wowed listeners at the New York Audio Show. See more at Ohm’s Facebook page.