HeadsUp Base Stand headphone stand review


When I was at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show I came across this nice headphone stand, designed in the UK and imported by American Audio & Video. American Audio & Video had a nice selection of high performance, yet affordably priced audio products on display and I hope to reviewing some of them in the future, specifically the Flexson VinylPlay turntables.  The turntables are obviously rebadged Regas, though the company won’t directly say so.  No matter the name on it, more Rega turntables in the world are a good thing!  But for now, on to the headphone stand.


Headphone stands can get quite expensive.  I’ve long lusted after the $79 Oppo headphone stand (shown at the bottom of the linked page) which is beautifully finished and obviously a premium product. If you have expensive headphones you may want an expensive stand to show them off, but for those of us looking for something more affordable the HeadsUp Base Stand is a great choice.


What more can be said?  A headphone stand holds your headphones and keeps them safe when not in use. The HeadsUp Base Stand accomplishes this simple task with style.


As you can see in the picture above, the cables tuck in a back compartment to keep things clean, organized, and visually appealing. What can’t be shown in pictures is how solid and stable the HeadsUp is when it use.  I was not expecting much from a plastic headphone stand, but not only does it feel solid, the foot has a nice bit of weight to it.  When you hold it you can tell it is expensive plastic, not cheap, brittle stuff.


A cradle is included for holding your smartphone.  Three colors are available, Gloss Black, Gloss Red, and Gloss White.  I got a white one because I will be using it to photograph headphones for this site and my newspaper column, but if ordering it for personal use I think I would go for the black or red one, mostly because I think it will be easier to keep clean.

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