Want a super deal? Sign up for newsletters

A lot of people don’t sign up for newsletters, and it’s understandable.  We certainly get enough junk mail in our inbox without asking for more. However, sometimes newsletters and the promotions within lead to huge savings that you won’t find elsewhere, savings that could be the difference between getting something or not. The key is to be selective about where you sign up.


For example, regular readers of my column know I am a fan of Olympus cameras. When you visit the Olympus site they invite you to sign up for their newsletter.


Every once in a while they send you a coupon code that gets you 20% off everything in the Olympus Outlet.  You can see one in the image above.


Check out the package deal above, featuring an Olympus PEN E-PL6 interchangeable lens camera, two excellent kit lenses and an 8 GB wireless SDHC card for only $319.99.  That’s a deal in itself, but think about the significance of a 20% discount. You now get a two-lens interchangeable lens camera outfit for $255.99!


Another example is Koss Stereophones, manufacturer of the Pro4S headphones that were one of my top recommendations last year. I signed up for their newsletter and got 15% off my order on the spot. Normally $149, the discount brings the Pro4S price down to $126.65.


Around New Year’s I received an email with a code for 30% off, bringing the price of these excellent headphones all the way down to $104.99. There is a big difference between spending $105 and $150.  As I said before, it could be the difference between getting something or not.

Just be smart about where you sign up (manufacturers and major retailers are best) and sit back and watch the savings come to you.