Buy HDMI Cables for under $5.00


Don’t be a dummy. Don’t buy expensive cables!

High-priced cables, either digital or analog, and expensive speaker wire represent one of the world’s biggest scams. Don’t fall prey to it. There is no benefit to buying expensive connection cables and speaker wire. Copper is copper and electrons are electrons.

HDMI is digital

HDMI is a digital connection. You either get perfect results or you do not get anything at all. The reason you see nothing but expensive HDMI cables in the stores is they want you to believe that is the going rate and you have to spend from $40 to $200 to buy one.

You can get a PERFECTLY GOOD cable for much, much less than that. I say perfect because it will perform 100% identically to a $70, $200, $300, even a $1000 cable.


Does this cable, with its gold connector and thick nylon construction, look high quality? It is high quality… and it was very inexpensive, too. It was purchased for under $10 online, and it was almost 10 feet in length.

How much less? How about under $5.00 each for an excellent HDMI cable? Let’s look at the potential savings.

Potential savings

Let’s say you need three cables. One HDMI cable from your cable box to your receiver, one HDMI cable from your Blu-ray player to your receiver, and one HDMI cable from your receiver to your HDTV.

Assume the big-box store is selling them for a minimum of $79.99 each, call it $80.00. That means you spend at least $240 for three cables. That’s $240 for three miserable pieces of wire with connectors on each end!

Total for three cables= $240.00

You can get a good quality HDMI cable for $5.00 or less online.

Total for three cables= $15.00

$240-$15= $225 savings

Charging $240 for something that can be had for $15 is absolutely obscene!

If you are offended by this, you should be. A business is entitled to a fair profit but this is outrageous. It’s like paying $240 for three boxes of breakfast cereal.

Where to buy HDMI cables

Here are some proven retailers that have been used by myself and my readers, to great satisfaction. is also a good source of high quality, affordable HDMI cables. If you have an Amazon account, this may be the easiest way for you to buy them.

My Cable Mart

I have a lot of readers in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, and there is a good cable vendor right in your backyard… My Cable Mart of Eden Prairie, MN. Their website is . You can order online and if you are local you can place orders and pick your cables up at their location. They have lots of other accessories available, so be sure to check out their website… it is excellent. My Cable Mart is located at 7887 Fuller Rd., Suite 105, Eden Prairie, MN. Phone is 952-486-873. Thanks to John Ewoldt of the Star Tribune for this excellent find!

I have long recommended All of their cables come with a lifetime warranty. Monoprice also has excellent digital audio, analog audio, and video cables.

Hope this helps!

I sincerely hope this helps. I can’t stand deceit or scams and this is one of the biggest ones in the world. Get inexpensive cables and save your money for better televisions, better speakers, better electronics, or more movies and music… or food, gas, vacations and toys for your kids… things that MATTER! Cables don’t matter much when you can get $5 cables that perform as well as $1,000 cables.