Week 41, 2015: Setting up the Insignia soundbar


Sound Advice
By Don Lindich
Week 41, 2015

Q. I am interested in the Insignia NS-SB314 television sound bar you wrote about, but don’t feel confident setting it up.  Is there a shop that sells the cables I need that can also hook it up for me, or provide me with instructions?

-Griff Nelson, San Jose, CA

A.  You can always use a for-fee service as offered by big-box retailers, but the Insignia NS-SB314 is very easy to set up. You probably already have the HDMI cables connected to your TV, so all you need to do is connect is a single $10 optical cable between the TV and soundbar. Then you go to the TV’s audio setup menu and turn off its internal speakers. That’s it.

I may be posting a setup guide for this soundbar on my website in the near future.  I’ve tested several more expensive models since I bought the $99 Insignia, and my experience with the pricier gear has left me even more impressed with this very good buy. It’s inexpensive, simple and sounds natural and pleasant.

If you are someone who feels like they need hand-held purchasing and setting up your home entertainment gear, you should put independently-owned local retailers on your shopping list. In my own experience visiting independents for big-ticket purchases, I have found better prices and better service than anywhere else. Many of these stores have been owned by families for generations and have seen many companies like Circuit City come and go.  You will probably find the experience and level of satisfaction gets better over time as they get to know you and build a relationship with you.

Two good places to find a local retailer are www.brandsource.com and www.cedia.net. Be sure to visit an independent local retailer when shopping for big-ticket items.  You may still find yourself purchasing from the big-box store, but local retailers nationwide are great places to buy televisions, electronics and appliances.  Give them a chance.